Interactive Project Chudoboxes

Interactive books about the Chudoboxes’ adventures, souvenirs with augmented reality (AR) from Chudoboxes, organization of performances for children.

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Our Characters


Inventor the Chudobox emerged from a globe. He can transfer people and objects to any place of the world.


Cleany the Chudobox emerged from a loofah. She loves cleaning and is a little bit grumpy.


She is a naughty girl hungry for adventures.


He is a very serious and thoughtful young man. He wants to become a scientist.


Selfie the Chudobox emerged from a tablet. If you need to get an interview or take a picture, feel free to ask her.


Constructor the Chudobox emerged from a set of jigsaw puzzle. He likes to fix everything.


She lives at the North Pole, loves and can cook and respects Leshy.


She is Leshy’s companion.


He is a severe inhabitant of the North Pole loving to annoy others.

The Chudoboxes are characters of the book about two fidgets – girl Sonya and her elder brother Pasha. The children’s adventures begin with the Chudoboxes’ appearance. They emerged from the chemical reaction of ordinary tea with the elixir and the contact of this mixture with inanimate objects. Each Chudobox has superpowers. Together they travel around the world, make new friends and find a way out of curious situations.

Interactive Book

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In the book, we combined an original fairytale by Ukrainian authors, which can be read and listened to in the format of an audiobook, with interactive pages, which come to life in a smartphone or a tablet. The book ‘Chudoboxes’ is a magic world, which can be imagined, seen and heard. The book is available in Russian and Ukrainian.

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The bright illustrations will come to life in your gadget with the mobile app Zappar. We have a surprise for our little readers, which is a real cartoon at the end of the book.

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Each chapter of the book can not only be read, but also listened to. They are dubbed by our favourite stars – Ekaterina Kisten, Lyudmila Ardelyan and Ekaterina Braykovskaya. Readers will hear the real audio performance.


Our Team

  • Vyacheslav Solomka

    photo Solomka

    Face of the project. Popular TV host.

    Ekaterina Kisten

    photo Kisten

    Author’s voice. Ukrainian theatre and movie actress. Honoured artist of Ukraine. She is famous for her roles in the comedy series ‘Public Servant’ and ‘When We Are at Home’.

  • Anna Levchenko

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    Cleany’s voice.

    Vladimir Borisov

    photo Borisov

    He added jokes to the book. Frontman of the KVN team ‘Combined Team of Dnepropetrovsk (Dnipro)’, actor and author of the project ‘Kraine U’.



  • Organization of children parties (costumed characters, Vyacheslav Solomka as a host, Big Boss as a performer).
  • Interactive book ‘Chudoboxes’.
  • ‘Chudocakes’ – enjoy the cakes of different flavours and watch the cartoon in an augmented reality mode.
  • Bright souvenirs with augmented reality (AR) from Chudoboxes: jigsaw puzzle, T-shirts, magnets and stickers.


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  • What is the difference between ‘Chudoboxes’ and other books?

    ‘Chudoboxes’ is an interactive book 3 in 1:

    • - o Bright illustrations that come to life in a smartphone or a tablet with the mobile app Zappar.
    • - Audiobook, which speaks with the voices of favourite stars.
    • - Surprise for little readers - a real cartoon at the end of the book.
  • Is a follow-up book planned?

    We are actively working on the English version of the book as well as on the follow-up book ‘Chudoboxes at the North Pole’. Check out the announcements on our website and social media.

  • How can I watch the cartoon and listen to the audiobook?

    To animate the pictures, download the free app Zappar via Play Market or App Store. Launch it and keep the camera on the green tag in the book. The objective should capture all the elements in the page for the characters to come to life. To listen to or download the audiobook, find the yellow tag in the page, scan it with the app and press the button ‘Download/listen to the audiobook’. You will automatically redirected to Press the button ‘Download’ or ‘Play’ by the right chapter. Overall, there are 9 green and 5 yellow tags. You will find a surprise – a cartoon about the Chudoboxes – in the last green tag.

  • I cannot launch Zappar. What should I do?

    Check your Internet connection. If it is possible, connect to Wi-Fi. If the problem is not solved, uninstall the app and install it again.

  • I bought a book in Russian/Ukrainian. Can I download the audiobook or watch the cartoon in another language?

    There is no such a possibility for now, but it will appear soon. All the book owners will gain access to three versions of the book and the cartoon in Russian, Ukrainian and English. Check out the announcements on our website and social media.

  • Is ‘Chudoboxes’ an international project?

    No, ‘Chudoboxes’ is an exclusively Ukrainian project, on which more than 20 like-minded persons (screenplay writers, animators, authors, artists, voice actors, audio engineers) from different parts of Ukraine have been working. See our team.


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